About us

Oval Ambalaj with 12 years of experience in the sector, has created Meller brand with a new structure in 2020. Meller continues its business of providing the label and offset needs of the corporate firms in the printing sector.

From roll label production, to ribbon supply, offset press to packaging press, thanks to its wide range of products Meller provides for every need of its customer.  Meller, while exporting to many countries abroad also serves more than 100 firms in Turkey.

Meller knows that every sector has different needs. Thanks to its dynamic and versatile structure, it adapts to the new needs and requirements of the sector very quickly. It provides roll label and offset solutions according to the different needs of its customers. It reacts to any kind of project quickly and on time.

A label is like the cape of a superhero and shows the power of the products and what it is. The product is completed by its label. Meller uses high technology printing to produce labels that complete the products. It plans every project with care and delivers on time.

Meller knows that corporate firms want to work with suppliers who could troubleshoot their needs and requirements, and thanks to Meller’s high printing quality and delivery on time principles it fulfills the requests of the customers completely. This way, the workflow of the corporate firms never gets interrupted in any way.