Wax Ribbon

Wax ribbon is the coding ribbon used in your barcode printer. Wax ribbons with long durations are affordable for this reason. With this ribbon, you may print all paper-based labels like vellum, glossy paper, and destructible label, etc. Those are often preferred specifically by cargo firms.

Wax-Resin Ribbon

In the cases that require barcoding, the wax-resin ribbon is appropriate for various label types that are used in normal printers. It is produced by using wax and resin as materials. You may use the wax resin ribbon in your prints that require high-resolution durability.

Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbon is one of the most resilient ribbon types. You may prefer resin ribbon in the cases whey you may need to print on satin and fabric. It is preferred in the textile area as it is wash-resistant.