Food Label

You can use food labels on the labels that include the ingredients as mandated in the food industry. Your food label should fit the packaging. Label choice according to the packaging backdrop is one of the factors that affect the sales of the product. Food labels can be made from different materials if requested.

Beverage Label

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage labels are one of the most important factors that help your products to stand out on shelves and online sales. The sight of the label gives information about your product and the quality of your product. As the drinks have long expiration dates the label needs to be durable. Your products with long expiration dates need to have a long use time label.

Cosmetic Label

It is a label which the cosmetic sector uses for information purposes on product ingredient. The cosmetic labels which you may apply on the plastic surface as adhesive labels contain information like brand information, product information, product ingredients, etc. Cosmetic labels might be applied to glass surfaces if requested. The cosmetic labels which you will choose should be durable to the hot, cold, and water contact, etc. external conditions.


Textile Label

Textile labels can be produced primarily by fabric, leather, weaving, paperboard, and papers and also with various materials. In the paper labels, papers with thin and thick grammages are used.  There are also various options on fabric labels that are produced by fabric material. Meller meets the need by choosing the most appropriate fabric for the product you request.

Cleaning Label

It is used in cleaning products, detergents, and fabric softeners. Cleaning labels are used for product promotion along with product ingredients. It helps the cleaning products to draw attention to the shelves. The sight of the label gives information about your product and the quality of your product. As the cleaning products have long expiration dates, the label you choose needs to be durable.